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Image by Colby Thomas

The Bare Necessities


Let's Suit Up!


Suomy Helmet


Going into the new quad with the end game being 2026, Milano-Cortina, the IBSF (International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation) will require all athletes to use new helmets. These are certified and approved measures to ensure athlete safety.

Untitled_Artwork 2.png



The speed suit is one of the eye-catchers when it comes to sliding. Working with Qwixskinz to design a show stopping piece that not only looks good, but is aerodynamic and fast!

adidas brush spikes_edited.jpg

Brush Spikes


The nature of the sport is we're pretty hard on our shoes, so we go through a pair a season. Try toe-steering while going 70mph!




Visors are similar in concept to sunglasses. The different tints work in different environments, some more commonly used than others, but necessary all the same. I would like to have a black (dark), yellow/orange, clear visor.

Protein Products


Keeping the body giong!


Image by Diana Polekhina


Extra support for harsh Winters

Vitamin D3


Amazon Wishlist

Product Support

Support isn't limited to a dollar amount sent; for the comfort of some donating something physical is preferred. With that in mind, I created an Amazon Wishlist with a list of products I commonly use. *These will be shipped to Lake Placid Olympic Training Center


In name, I may technically be a professional athlete, but I still shoulder the responsibility of self-funding my season of competition and getting myself to locations.



There are four tracks on the North American continent, but majority of the competitive season is spent in Europe. So annually, I can expect to do at least one relatively long flight across an ocean to get to races. 
*With some Asian tracks opening up, the trip across the Pacific is gonna be on the horizon

Baggage Fees


During the season each athlete is responsible for getting his or her equipment to each destination. The most reliable way is to fly with our equipment. This becomes a juggling act when trying to stay within weight and size limitations. *my sled is 83lbs!



In the season of competition, there are no designated housing options that are available for athletes when needed (ie. athlete training centers). So most of the trips we stay in hotels or AirBNBs near the tracks.



While it would be nice to be chauffeured to race locations for competitions, athletes are responsible for getting from point "A" to point "B"

If you would like to offer monetary support for any of these categories you can follow one of the links to make a donation.  CashApp | Venmo | Paypal 

If you would like your support to go towards a specific category please specify in the notes section.

In following these links, there is no tax-deduction.

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